….being a law enforcement Officer with forensic imaging duties for nearly 25 years I know firsthand the importance of being able to identify your property. Those who clearly mark their goods discourage theft and increase the odds of recovery in the event items are stolen. When I began investigating ways to protect digital images in my sports photography business I discovered a multitude of watermarking products, including the utilization of what I already had in Photoshop Elements. I downloaded free trials of several products including PhotoWatermark Pro to evaluate, and immediately realized that PhotoWatermark Pro 6 was exactly what I needed. I was especially pleased to see that PWP 6 (Beta test) could process my RAW files as I wanted to incorporate watermarking into my RAW stage “workflow”. I purchased a licensed version and was “watermarking” my photographs within minutes. This program takes all the work out of protecting my images and Felix Zhang was able to provide support that outshines any other software company I have ever dealt with. I ran into a glitch in my RAW importing and Felix was able to diagnose the problem and provide a fix over the weekend. In conclusion I thoroughly endorse PhotoWatermark Pro and feel it is superior to any other watermarking program on the market. Jeffrey A. Dunlap